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Lake Ridge Patch Article - Taste Of Lake Ridge:  In our coverage of local small businesses, we sometimes feature businesses without storefronts. has been on our radar since the home-based snack vendor in May. This Q&A is with Comfort Mix founder and owner Terrie Tinney. 

How and when did you get started with Comfort Mix? Our family loves getting together for any occasion and we are snackers! About five years ago, I started mixing together different combinations for everyone to snack on. One of the combinations (M&M peanut) was an instant sensation. From there I began experimenting and perfecting the salty/sweet balance, expanding to include all kinds of great flavors. In August of 2011, I decided to move forward for state approval of product and packaging then went for the local business license and home inspection. We were official in September of 2011 and began taking orders and selling at Smart Markets. We truly launched into the marketplace just last year.

How did you think up the name? We created the perfect combination of salty and sweet to satisfy that craving everyone has, put it into bite-sized pieces and then went crazy with the fun flavors!  Whenever you snack on it, every bite is satisfying and comforting.

Do you have a store front or do you sell this out of your home?  We currently prepare our products in my approved kitchen and wholesale to local gourmet shops, retail at local events, online at, ship and offer local delivery as well.  

How did you go about fulfilling all of the legal requirements for having a home business?  I made application with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commonwealth of Virginia for product and label approval. The process also required obtaining a business license in my county jurisdiction as well as a home inspection with Food Safety and Security Program Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Our mixes are also heat-sealed for freshness.

Can people order online or by phone? Email or call 703-795-9323 or 703-774-8752. Please visit our website at

Can people submit custom orders?  Absolutely!  Specialty, custom, Holiday and/or every event or special occasion, ie; weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, grad parties—whatever you need, we have you covered.  

Was Taste of Lake Ridge your first big event?  was a huge success and our first scheduled special event. It was great fun and we are already signed up for next year!  We have also participated in local events and farmers markets.

Where do you see Comfort Mix in five years? Comfort Mix has received such a warm welcome in the marketplace with steady growth and amazing opportunities in front of us we are very excited for the future. Comfort Mix cares and will continue to give back however we can as we grow and expand.  Looking forward to serving you soon! 

                                             Thank you so much for snacking with Comfort Mix!!!

May 4, 2013
Comfort Mix Gourmet Snacks Hosted

June 2nd & 3rd

                     Lake Ridge Patch Article - Taste Of Lake Ridge                     

Taste Of Lake Ridge Event

                         May 15, 2012                          

The Fairfax County Times

Article By: Alexandra Greeley / Fairfax County Times

Photos By: Shamus Ian Fatzinger / Fairfax County Times

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