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About Us
The Healthier Side of Snacking!!!

Comfort Mix Gourmet Snacks welcomes you to the healthier side of snacking.  Created with you in mind. With snacking one of America's greatest past times and on the rise studies show grabbing a few bites between meals is actually a healthy habit. Our philosophy embraces this as we provide great tasting, organic, healthy, wholesome options for you and your family to easily enjoy every day all day!

My passion for baking began as a young girl.  Enrolled in one of the finest institutions of the culinary arts, my grandmother's kitchen!  I have carried the comfort and wonder of those precious times throughout my life.    

Our home has always been a welcoming place where family, extended family, friends, kids friends, friends of friends... well everyone gathers.  So with an absolute passion for baking and a commitment to provide healthy snack options Comfort Mix Gourmet Snacks was born.

Since our official launch into the marketplace in August of 2011 our product line has expanded to include our Baked Sensations featuring Zucchini Bread, Banana Nut and 7 Layer Bars.  We also offer some very popular delicious Gluten Free items.  Our Whole Health Energy Bars, Pizza Crust, Lemon Bars, Organic Peanut Butter Power Bite and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies can't be beat!  ALL made with the finest organic and wholesome ingredients providing healthier options for your snacking pleasure.

We are thrilled with the opportunity to serve you as we keep our house, your house and America snacking.     

Your Snack Mix Gal,
Terrie ;-)

Photo By: Boundless Beauty Photos
Mt. Airy, Maryland

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